Tuesday, June 16, 2009


As part of the Annual LOHS Alumni Display all local country schools are included with a display of photos, documents, memorabilia and other items related to the one-room schools of this area. The exhibit will be at the Lake Odessa Museum Complex during the week-end of June 27-28 and will include all country schools within the present day Lakewood School District. The photo above depicts The Bippley School which was located in Odessa Twp. as District Number 7. There is no date with this photo with only a few of the students being identified. It is a wonderful visual of the early days of the one room school and will be a part of the upcoming display. If anyone has photos, historical items or anything related to the country schools the museum would be glad to display these as part of this annual event. Please contact the society for more information.


We've come a long way since this picture was taken in 1995! This shows the ribbon cutting and grand opening of the Depot Museum during Depot Day that year. This building has served us well and continues to be the focal point of the Lake Odessa Museum Complex. The restoration of this historic Pere Marquette Depot has been a successful venture for the Historical Society and the ongoing maintenance continues to give renewed life to this structure. Plans are underway to organize volunteers to give the Depot a new coat of paint. The week-end of September 11-13 has been set aside for scraping and painting. Cost for the project has been estimated at approximately $2,000.00 with over half of that amount donated already. If you are interested in helping out in any way please contact the Society. Your efforts and donations are what makes these projects possible. Thank you and watch for more details soon!