Thursday, September 30, 2010


This photograph shows some type of celebration or festival taking place on Main Street perhaps in the 1920/30's. This may be a view of an early community celebration sponsored by the merchants. The shot is taken from the intersection of Fourth Ave. and Second Street looking north. Notice the closed booth has rugs hanging and the other booths seem to be selling wares. Any help on what is going on in this photo? Let us know if you can help identify this!


On Monday evening, July 5, 2010, the Lake Odessa Area Historical Society was pleased to be able to dedicate a new display at the museum. The display focuses on the German Prisoner of War Camp that was located in Lake Odessa in 1944 and 1945. This historically significant event is interpreted through photographs, artifacts and documents highlighting the camp. It was a distinct privilege to have the widow and family of Heinz Hanft, a former prisoner in the Lake Odessa Camp, present for the dedication of this display. Shown above is Edith Hanft viewing the display and a picture of the Hanft family present for the dedication. A large crowd filled the museum to hear accounts of the camp and its impact on the war. Thank you to the Hanft family and to all who contributed to make this display a reality. The display is a permanent feature of the Lake Odessa Museum and may be viewed during the last week-end of each month and during special events.


You just never know what will happen during the Lake Odessa High School Alumni Reunion week-end! It was a great turn out for the event held the last Saturday in June. The Museum was open with displays from 1888 through the Lakewood School System today. Shown above is Elaine (Allarding) Garnaat (Class of 1945) in the bath tub that was in her home on Tupper Lake St. The bath tub is now part of the collection of the Lake Odessa Museum. The Allarding home later became the Lake Odessa Hospital and the bath tub was donated as part of that history. Elaine just couldn't help getting in and bringing back the memories of "bath time." Many other alumni visited the museum and continue to be great supporters of our Lake Odessa history.


Congratulations to Marian Klein on being selected as the 2010 Grand Marshal for the Lake Odessa Fair Parade. Marian was chosen by the Lake Odessa Area Historical Society for her dedication and community service. A reception was held at the Lake Odessa Freight Station following the parade with a standing only crowd. Marian has been a member of our society for many years and is a faithful supporter. Good job Marian!