Thursday, February 25, 2010


The Annual Doll and Toy Show will be coming to the Lake Odessa Museum March 27 and
28. Plans are underway for a great display with many new items having been donated to the museum in the past year. This is an event that draws many from near and far and always promises to have something of interest to all. Watch for more details soon and make plans to be a part of this year's show.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Coming on February 27 and 28 to the Lake Odessa Museum will be a brand new display centered on the theme-"IT'S ART!" The display will focus on local artwork, past and present, and will include all styles of visual arts-oil, water color, sculpture, photography, etc. The emphasis will highlight the great amount of talent that this area has both in times past and the present. We are hoping that many will bring out that "masterpiece" that has been in storage and help us to create a unique presentation. For those who currently are involved in art it is hoped that you will also share your talents. Shown above is the Society President holding an oil painting done in the 1930's by Esther L. Schuler, of Woodland. This is only one example of many pieces that are in our community. Please contact the society if you have something to display and better yet come and join us the last week-end in February as we discover together..."IT'S ART!"

Chili Supper On A Cold Night!

The chili was good and it was hot! The weather was cold and everyone was hungry! It was a great night for the chili supper at the Lake Odessa Museum with approximately 75 in attendance. A good profit was realized and a good time was shared by many. Four different types of chili were offered ranging from mild (some called it "chili light") all the way to the spicy style. A unique german chili was offered with sauerkraut and spaetzle to top it off. Many were pleasantly surprised at how delicious this was and by the end of the night the pot was empty! Thank you to all who worked and donated toward this project. The Lake Odessa Area Historical Society continues to generate funds for upcoming project and all donations are appreciated.


One of the quilts on display at the recent Quilt and Textile Show focused on the history of the Anway Family. The Anways were early settlers in Odessa Township with many descendants spread across the United States. This wonderful heirloom was created by a granddaughter of Verl and Edna Anway as a raffle prize at the Annual Anway Reunion in 2009. Shown at the center are Verl and Edna surrounded by blocks bearing the images of each of their children. Shown in the group photo are the surviving children of this family at the Anway Reunion in 2009. Back Row, left to right: Joan, Richard and Shirley. Front Row, left to right: Bethel and Geraldine. What a wonderful way to preserve and enjoy family history!

Friday, February 5, 2010


Recently, a young couple was remodeling their home on Sixth Ave., in Lake Odessa, when they discovered some items in a wall. Tucked inside the wall they found letters, postcards, envelopes, advertising, a grade school diploma and a few dishes. These items all apear to have come from the Kart/Sargeant family and underneath all the dust and dirt lies a little bit of history. Two of the letters were written by Leo Kart in 1944 during World War II. One letter was to his mother, Esther Kart, and the other to his sister. The Lake Odessa Area Historical Society was glad to accept these items as a donation to the museum and will add them to our collections. Many have asked "why did people put stuff in the wall?" Does anyone have a good answer? The letter shown above is dated Sept. 10, 1944, and reads as follows:

"Pvt. Leo B. Kart 36956256 Co. H 3rd Group 1st Regt. Camp Reynolds Greenville PA Sept. 10, 1944-

Dear Mom,
I am getting along o.k. and feeling fine so I have nothing to kick about. We sure have some swell fellows here. I don't think it is half bad here. I suppose LeRoy is about ready to go to the navy. I know one thing, he won't run so much there, that's what makes it bad for so many fellows. Here we can only get a 12 hour leave so I think that was what was the matter with Raymond and Bob. Although they get a lot of K.P., and other details here every day, and sometimes at night. I got your letter and those papers you sent back. There is some of the fellows here with me that was at Camp Lee with me. So it isn't so bad. And I got a lot of new buddies here too. Did Clare Lambert hear any more about Jack? I sure hope he is on his way back. There was a bus wreck here last night but I don't know whether anyone got hurt or not. I sure am glad Carol got an ice cream cone. Well that is all I can think of this time so will close and try to write again. P.S. Oh, yes, there were around 1800 War Prisoners at Camp Lee.

As ever,

Monday, February 1, 2010


One of the displays at the recent Quilt and Textile Show featured three Quilts crafted in celebration of the Fifth Annivesary of the Adoption of three children. Grandma Chris created a quilt for each of her grandchildren in recognition of this important event in 2009. What a wonderful way to share memories and celebrate family and love. The quilts are treasured by each grandchild and remind them of their importance to the family. Shown above are Bailey, Tanner and Rheegan and then all of them with Grandma Chris. Thank you for sharing your quilts and this wonderful time in your lives!


The 2010 Quilt and Textile Show is now just a "Stitch in Time!" It was a great week-end with an awesome display. Over 50 quilts and many various textile items were on display ranging in items from the 1850's right up to 2010. Every color, pattern and style imaginable was on view with interest in a variety of items. The oldest textile was from 1851 and was a woven coverlet from the Heeter family. A quilt from the 1860-70 era represented an early star pattern. The most recent display featured a quilt completed in January wonderful to have it at our Show!! Another interesting display focused on the soon to be open Quilt Store in Lake Odessa. Many were intrigued by the fabrics, patterns and projects this display showcased. This was a successful project and many thanks to all who particpated!