Monday, February 1, 2010


The 2010 Quilt and Textile Show is now just a "Stitch in Time!" It was a great week-end with an awesome display. Over 50 quilts and many various textile items were on display ranging in items from the 1850's right up to 2010. Every color, pattern and style imaginable was on view with interest in a variety of items. The oldest textile was from 1851 and was a woven coverlet from the Heeter family. A quilt from the 1860-70 era represented an early star pattern. The most recent display featured a quilt completed in January wonderful to have it at our Show!! Another interesting display focused on the soon to be open Quilt Store in Lake Odessa. Many were intrigued by the fabrics, patterns and projects this display showcased. This was a successful project and many thanks to all who particpated!

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