Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Coming on February 27 and 28 to the Lake Odessa Museum will be a brand new display centered on the theme-"IT'S ART!" The display will focus on local artwork, past and present, and will include all styles of visual arts-oil, water color, sculpture, photography, etc. The emphasis will highlight the great amount of talent that this area has both in times past and the present. We are hoping that many will bring out that "masterpiece" that has been in storage and help us to create a unique presentation. For those who currently are involved in art it is hoped that you will also share your talents. Shown above is the Society President holding an oil painting done in the 1930's by Esther L. Schuler, of Woodland. This is only one example of many pieces that are in our community. Please contact the society if you have something to display and better yet come and join us the last week-end in February as we discover together..."IT'S ART!"

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