Monday, October 17, 2011

LOHS Souvenir Book

As part of this past year's LOHS Alumni week-end, a Souvenir Booklet was produced including the photo shown above. The booklet is a pictorical history of the Lake Odessa School and is available for $22.00 plus postage. If interested in this keepsake please contact the Historical Society for more details.


Each year the Fourth Grade classes from West Elementary School visit the Museum. This is a highlight as the history of our village is shared with these eager learners. Previous to the museum visist, Elaine Garlock, gives a historical talk. Then the classes each walk to the Museum noting historical spots along the way. Classes are taken through the Depot and the Frieght Station with a sort of "historical scavenger hunt." Thank you to the Fourth Grade teachers who incorporate this into their Michigan History Unit.


One of the most popular items on display at the Lake Odessa Museum is a 1964 New Yorker. Shown above is Emmi Klein a great grand daughter of the original owner of this car Allie Klein Kluinsteker. Emmi recently toured the museum as part of the Fourth Grade Tour and was proud to show off her grandmother's car to her class mates.


The Class of 1966 of Lakewood High School held a reunion the last week-end of September. There were many activities and gatherings and quite a few visited the Museum as part of their week-end walk down memory lane. Shown here are four from the class: Marti (Livingston) Lind, Bill Mathis, Terry Adams and Terri (Mulliken) Allen. It was great to see so many visit Lake Odessa and rekindle old friendships!


The September Display focused on the agricultural history of our area. Many photos, farm tools and implements and other historical items filled the museum relating this important part of community. Several antique tractors greeted the visitors as they entered the parking lot and a big crowd enjoyed this first time display.