Friday, February 13, 2015


The Lake Odessa Area Historical Society met for its General Meeting Thursday, Feb. 12, at the Lake Odessa Museum.  The program focused on the history of the Chicago, Kalamazoo and Saginaw Railroad and was prompted by the discovery of C. K. & S. artifacts by two young men from the area.  Brady E. and Varik P. both 8th graders uncovered several items on a local farm in Woodland Twp., Barry County.  These items included an actual piece of the railroad track, some railroad spikes and a section of the driveshaft from a steam locomotive.  Their discovery led to the donation of these items to the Lake Odessa Museum for its growing collection of local Railroad history.  A member of the C. K. and S. Railfans was a guest speaker for the evening sharing the formation and early history of the railroad.  These items plus the collection of Railroad items from the Luther Brodbeck Collection form the foundation for this new and growing display.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

PIONEER DAYS IN ODESSA-A great photo of one of the early log cabins that were part of pioneer life in Odessa Township.  This cabin was located on section 8 of Odessa and was lived in by Vernon C. Watkins.  He was a settler in the 1860's.  It is not sure if he built this cabin or a previous owner.  Vernon Watkins' daughter, Jennie, married William E. Kingman who later owned this property and cabin.  It is presumed that the Watkins/Kingman family is shown in the photo but no positive identification is given.  The early history of this area is a testament to the determination of those pioneers to improve this part of Ionia County.  More information is being sought on the Watkins/Kingman family and other pioneer families of this area.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

This postcard shows the two homes on the southwest corner of Fourth Avenue and Jordan Lake Street (M-50).  The residence to the left (which sits right on the corner) was the home of the Fellows family for many years.  It was one of the earliest homes on this section of land and is significant for its architecture and historical importance.  Can anyone add more history?  
QUILT SHOW COMING SOON!!!  The Annual Quilt Show will kick off 2015 at the Lake Odessa Museum.  The event will be held on Saturday Jan. 24 from 10-5 and on Sunday Jan. 25 from 2-5.  Both historic and contemporary quilts will be displayed with many new items being exhibited.  Come and check it out!  A bake sale will be held and a good lunch offered too!