Wednesday, January 28, 2015

PIONEER DAYS IN ODESSA-A great photo of one of the early log cabins that were part of pioneer life in Odessa Township.  This cabin was located on section 8 of Odessa and was lived in by Vernon C. Watkins.  He was a settler in the 1860's.  It is not sure if he built this cabin or a previous owner.  Vernon Watkins' daughter, Jennie, married William E. Kingman who later owned this property and cabin.  It is presumed that the Watkins/Kingman family is shown in the photo but no positive identification is given.  The early history of this area is a testament to the determination of those pioneers to improve this part of Ionia County.  More information is being sought on the Watkins/Kingman family and other pioneer families of this area.

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