Monday, April 12, 2010


The general meeting of the Lake Odessa Area Historical Society will be held in Woodbury, Michigan, at St. Herman's Orthodox Church on Thursday, May 13. Upon the invitation of Father Michael Carney we will meet at the church at 7 p.m. and given a tour of the work that this parish has done on the church building. The structure was formerly the Woodbury United Brethren Church and since St. Herman's has occupied the church a great deal of renovation has taken place. This promises to be a great opportunity to visit a local historic structure being used for a specific purpose in today's modern world. Watch here for more details.


The Lake Odessa Area Historical Society will be holding a RUMMAGE SALE on Friday, April 23 from 9 to 5 and on Saturday April 24 from 9 to 2. There are always lots of treasures to be found so make sure to come on out!! Donations are being accepted of all saleable items. This is a great way to donate toward the work of the museum and help support the cause. Contact the Society to make a donation of items. Thank you for your interest!!!


Soup and Salad were the menu for last Friday night's fund raiser. It was a great evening and a great crowd. Nearly 100 were served with only two bowls of soup left over!! Thank you to all who supported this effort in any way. The Society continues to raise funds toward the exterior siding of the Hosford House. A bid has been accepted and the goal is to begin work in September. There is lots happening at the Lake Odessa Museum so keep posted and plugged in!!!