Monday, July 27, 2009


It was a privilege to be able to pay tribute to Medical Doctors, both past and present, at Depot Day this year. The Lake Odessa Area Historical Society selects a business or profession each year and honors them with the creation of a permanent display in the museum. Over twenty doctors have practiced medicine in Lake Odessa since 1887 and each one was given tribute as part of the celebration. It was a treat to have families and the doctors themselves to share this time with. Those present were: descendants of Doctor Henry Carpenter-Lynda Carpenter Warner and family; Mrs. Alice Hoffs and daughters, Louise and Jayne; Dr. Jack and Helen Tromp and children, Nancy, Terry, Kathy and Tim; and Dr. and Mrs. Lee O. Stuart. Shown above is Mrs. Alice Hoffs who traveled from Kalamazoo to spend the day in Lake Odessa. At the age of 107, it was a true honor to have her share in this time as we recognized her husband, Dr. M. A. Hoffs. Also pictured above is Dr. Jack L. Tromp. Dr. Tromp practiced medicine in Lake Odessa for forty-four years, having his business longer than any other doctor. The Lake Odessa Area Historical Society considers it an honor and it is with respect that we thank each Medical Doctor and their families for their gift of health, life and the improvement of Lake Odessa.


The 17th Annual Depot Day is now part of history and it was a great chapter! The morning tried to threaten bad weather but the sun came out and created a wonderful summer afternoon. The crowds remained steady throughout the day enjoying the entertainment, food and many historcial displays. It is always like old "hometown" week and many friends from days gone by reconnected. The primary goal of Depot Day is to celebrate the preservation of the Depot and the ongoing projects of the Museum. This was a success as we gathered and shared memories of the past and looked toward the future. Thank you to all who make this yearly event possible and we are already gearing up for Depot Day 2010!!! Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The Depot is in need of a paint job and we are going to tackle the job this fall! The week-end of September 11-12 has been set aside as a time to scrape and paint and give a fresh new coat to this historical structure. This is aimed at being a community project and everyone's help is needed! A cost of $2,000.00 has been targeted with approximately $1,500.00 already donated. For those who are unable to be present this would be a great way to help out....your donations are tax deductable and will help preserve this unique building. Thank you for you continued support over the years and thank you for maintaining our past. Watch here for more details as we work together on this project.


The photo above shows Dr. Jack L. Tromp (far right) with his staff in 1985. Dr. Tromp retired from his practice in 1997 and will be one of the many doctors-Past and Present-who will be honored at Depot Day. This Saturday, July 25, will be the 17th Annual Depot Day and it promises to be a great time as many participate in celebrating our local heritage. The purpose of Depot Day is to focus our attention on the restoration of the Lake Odessa Depot and the expansion of the museum property to include the Freight Station Museum, the caboose and the Hosford House. The day will be filled with entertainment, food and many displays relating varied aspects of our hometown history. Come on out and enjoy this unique event and be a part of the growing interest in Lake Odessa's past, present and future!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


The recent LOHS Alumni Open House was a great success and many photos and items of interest always come to light. This photo is a great example and shows School Bus No. 3 on a trip taken to Bertha Brock Park in Ionia on May 31, 1946. Shown in the photo are left to right: Russel Fink, Grace Nicol, Mrs. Merlin Morgan and Mrs. Robert (Ruth) Clegy. Wouldn't it be great to have that school bus today.....well, maybe not to ride in but it would be fun to see!


This is a great photo taken by Delos Trowbridge on may 9, 1913. It is identified as "Scientific Farming on Tom Ainsworth's farm near Lake Odessa. I. H. C. 45 H. P. Tractor and 10 plows."
On the back of the photo is a lengthier description as follows: "A plowing demonstration on Tom Ainsworth's 1200 acre farm 6 miles north of Lake Odessa, Ionia County, Michigan. Plowing, dragging and rolling forty acres at this demonstration." What a wonderful picture and even better is that someone took the time to fully identify this event. Farming has changed over the years but this is still an agricultural area and this will be of interest to many.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Familiar faces from days gone by filled the Lake Odessa Museum during the LOHS Alumni Open House on June 27. The Class of 1959 were the honored guests and many showed up to view the displays of classes from 1888 to 1963. In addition displays featuring the Rural Country Schools, Woodland, Sunfield and the growing Lakewood School collection. It was a great time as old acquaintences were renewed. On Sunday, June 28, an ice cream social was held and many came out to reminisce once more the childhood days of LOHS.