Monday, July 27, 2009


It was a privilege to be able to pay tribute to Medical Doctors, both past and present, at Depot Day this year. The Lake Odessa Area Historical Society selects a business or profession each year and honors them with the creation of a permanent display in the museum. Over twenty doctors have practiced medicine in Lake Odessa since 1887 and each one was given tribute as part of the celebration. It was a treat to have families and the doctors themselves to share this time with. Those present were: descendants of Doctor Henry Carpenter-Lynda Carpenter Warner and family; Mrs. Alice Hoffs and daughters, Louise and Jayne; Dr. Jack and Helen Tromp and children, Nancy, Terry, Kathy and Tim; and Dr. and Mrs. Lee O. Stuart. Shown above is Mrs. Alice Hoffs who traveled from Kalamazoo to spend the day in Lake Odessa. At the age of 107, it was a true honor to have her share in this time as we recognized her husband, Dr. M. A. Hoffs. Also pictured above is Dr. Jack L. Tromp. Dr. Tromp practiced medicine in Lake Odessa for forty-four years, having his business longer than any other doctor. The Lake Odessa Area Historical Society considers it an honor and it is with respect that we thank each Medical Doctor and their families for their gift of health, life and the improvement of Lake Odessa.

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