Thursday, March 4, 2010


For many years the water tower was a focal point on the street scene of Lake Odessa. This landmark was torn down quite a few years ago but many will remember it with the big letters proclaiming the name of our village. This view is a great one of Tupper Lake Street looking to the east. There is no date marked but must be in the 1940's.


One unique display at "It's Art" was presented by four generations of one family. The Lambert family has been part of Lake Odessa history for many years and their talent witnessed by many. Several oil paintings done by Clare Lambert represented the first generation. These included a painting of the Depot and one of Smith Brothers Elevator. The next generation included two of Clare's children, Jack Lambert and Jean Schwarthing. Shown above is one painting done by Jack of a barn in New York. Many that attended the art display remarked that Jack had been their art teacher in high school. The next generation included art work by Ann DeHoog and Anita Villanueva. Anita is shown above sharing with spectators the gift their family has been blessed with. The fourth generation was represented by Abby DeHoog and Elijah Villanueva. Thank you to the Lambert family for sharing their talent for this display and through the years with all in our community.


The recent art display, "IT'S ART" was one of the most successful events this year. It was a great response with over 43 artists being showcased. There were over 150 pieces of art on display with a wide variety of styles, ages and methods. Those that came to enjoy the week-end were very pleased and many comments were shared concerning future possibilities of similar events. Shown above is the 6 foot bird created by Tony Jackson. This was a popular work with many interested in Tony's creative sculptures. One of the oldest paintings on display was done by Mary Powell in the 1890's. It is the round plate shown above and was first displayed in an art show done by Michigan State University in the 1970's. The top picture shows local artist Karen Anway with a display of her works ranging from scenic to still life. The Freight Station Museum was filled with treasures and we appreciate the wonderful response of everyone involved.....the best response we have is WOW!

Monday, March 1, 2010


This view of Main Street was taken from the second story of McCartney's Store on the northwest corner of Fourth Avenue and Second Street. It is looking to the south and gives a great view of the stores. No date is on this photo which was recently donated to the Historical Society. It appears to be in the 1920's and may be during some type of celebration...notice the decorations on the lamp posts and at the far end of Main Street there is some type of banner across the street. Anyone have any ideas?? It's a great view of our home town!!