Monday, February 9, 2009


In the early days of Lake Odessa it was necessary to have a hotel available to railroad passengers. The most conveniently located hotel from the Depot was the structure which was located on the northwest corner of Fourth Ave. and Tupper Lake Street. This grand building was originally constructed at Bonanza, which was about three quarters of a mile to the north, at the corners of Bonanza Rd. and Jordan Lake Street. The building had been moved into Lake Odessa in 1888. Over the years the name of this business changed with each owner and was known as the Bonanza Hotel, the Eureka Hotel, the Franklin House, the Lake Odessa Inn, the Odessa House, the Hotel Odessa, the Anchor Inn and the Senters Hotel. In 1889-1890 the rates were advertised at $1.50 per day with a "colored porter." This was a rarity in this locality and was used as a drawing card to attract customers. In the 1920's it is related that Henry Ford dined at the hotel and left a tip of one dollar which was a large sum for a tip in those days. In 1963 the building was damaged by fire and was later torn down during the summer of 1964.

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