Sunday, March 15, 2009


The photo above shows cousins, Elfa (Meyers) Creighton and Melvin Fender, at about the age of three in 1903. The photo was taken by W. H. Bennett in Sunfield, Michigan, and depicts children during this era. Elfa is tightly holding her doll in one hand while her other hand holds Melvin's. This charming scene represents a time when life was simpler and a girl's doll was her prized possession. The Lake Odessa Museum's Doll and Toy Show, March 28 and 29, will feature many such "prized possessions." Dolls and toys from all eras will remind us of those simpler days. The museum is currently seeking items on loan or donation for this show. Perhaps, there would be those who would also write down their MEMORIES of childhood toys. This would be an excellent way for those out of town to participate in this show. Please send any memories you may have by email or you may post them here by clicking on the comment link below.

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