Monday, November 2, 2009


A recent donation to the Lake Odessa Museum has sparked some interest in a direction that was not expected. The Medical Profession was honored at this year's Depot Day and a Society member brought in a large stack of prescriptions that local doctor's had signed over the years. The prescriptions were in an old cigar box which had been kept in excellent condition. After going through the prescriptions and studying the historical value of these...the empty cigar box was set down. Later, in picking the box up, a surprise was discovered. The cigar box itself was a product of an early Lake Odessa cigar maker! The "risque" label, as seen above, noted that the maker was A. J. DeVoe. Inspection of the Lake Odessa Centennial History did not reveal any information concerning this business or the cigar maker. At this time, there is very little information but records are being sought to help fill in the blanks. It is a great piece of Lake Odessa history and will be on display soon at the Museum....come and see it!!

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