Thursday, November 11, 2010


A recent donation to the Lake Odessa Area Historical Scoiety was a project completed by Jack and Elaine (Allarding) Garnaat and Phyllis (Lepard) Olmstead. The project is a collected book form and focuses on the history of the Darby School. This rural school was located in southern Campbell Township which later became part of the Lakewood School District. The book includes photographs of the school and students throughout the years, a copy of the abstract and deed for where the school property is located, documents related to teachers and students, a list of teachers plus a great deal of additional information related to the Darby School. This wonderful history is an addition to the collection of rural school histories that are housed in the School Room at the Lake Odessa Museum Complex. This history and others are available for public viewing and anyone interested in the Darby School or others are encouraged to stop by. There are still many other rural schools that need to be chronicled and it is hoped that this project will inspire others to do the same. Thank you for this great contribution and for all the work that was put into this!

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