Monday, January 19, 2009


The Class of 1917....I bet they never dreamed their picture would be on a blog!!! This is an experiment in posting old pictures from our collections. It is hoped that this will be a new medium in sharing and identifying many scenes from our past. At the present the names of this class have not been matched to the faces. Can you help identify anyone?

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  1. The names of the Class of 1917 are: Leona Dorman, Vera Schneider, Doris Carter, Warren Perkins, Clarence Bare, Cleve Jordan, Flint Pearson, Olive Henderson, Harold Robins, Homer Bartlett, Annette Doolittle, Olive Shellenbarger, Orma Simmons, Ruth Winey and Maxine Elliot.
    Now.....we just need to get the correct name with the correct face! If you can help out with this please leave a comment or contact the Historical Society.

    John Waite