Monday, April 18, 2011

3 X 4 CLUB

The following article was taken from an April 1970 issue of the Lake Odessa Wave: 3 X 4 CLUB FOUNDED MARCH 11, 1910-Members of the 3 X 4 Club gathered at Bonnie's Cafe Wednesday in commemoration of their organization's founding 60 years ago on March 11, 1910. The original club met as a group of farm wives north of Lake Odessa at the home of Mrs. Etta Foght for their first meeting and Mrs. Ella Johnson was the first president, Mrs. Josephine Hunt secretary-treasurer and Mrs. Abbie Johnson corresponding secretary. Their object was to promote sociability among neighbors and to forget for a while the care of home. Reading and good literature and visiting the sick in the community were parts of their program. Besides Mrs. Foght, Mrs. Hunt and Mrs. Johnson, other charter members were Mrs. Laura Swarthout, Mrs. Lettie Curtis, Mrs. Sarah Foght, Mrs. Nellie Culp, Mrs. Charles Stewart, Mrs. Mary Jones, Mrs. Josie Root and Mrs. Frances Curtis. Mrs. Grethel (Swarthout) Walter is the only daughter today of a charter member. Mrs. Nettie Curtis is a daughter-in-law and Mrs. Fannie Curtis is a grand-daughter of charter members. The club now has 12 members and one honorary member, namely Opal Bartlett, Iva Birman, Grethel Walter, Ethel Aalderink, Kay Possehn, Lucille Walter, Gaylia Rathbun, Naoma Shaw, Florence Ritter, Carlene Lindner, Nettie Curtis, Fannie Curtis and Viola Cunningahm. The members were served a ham and chicken dinner by Bonnie and her helpers and a good time was enjoyed be all present. The club still meets on the third Tuesday of the month for a 1:00 o'clock dinner, the same as the original club. The next meeting is to be held at the home of Nettie Curtis, with Opal Bartlett as co-hostess.

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