Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The Algodon School, located in the northwest part of Odessa Township, was one of the early school districts in this area. Also known as the Anway School, this school was in several locations over the years. The "keepsake" card shown above is from the 1893-1894 school year and depicts the teacher at that time,Jason E. Peacock. Thirty-six students are listed and gives us a picture of the families that lived in that area. The following names appear on this card for 1893-94: Bertha Drake, Charles Courter, Clara Dailey, Robert Bliss, Iva Batdorff, Wellie Dailey, Nettie Post, Herbert Courter, Blanche Watkins, Willie Shellman, Blanche Howlett, Clyde Bever, Irma Anway, Guy Bever, Lilah Anway, Fred Patrick, Bessie Morris, Eugene Bushnell, Edna Howlett, Roy Anway, Lizzie Post, Earl Shellman, Hester Dailey, Jesse Stockford, Pearl Bever, Anna Anway, Hazel Bryant, Lawrence Patrick, Mary Courter, Ezra Post, Roy Strew, Willie Post, Orin Anway, Walter Strother, Eddie Swiger and Charley Shellman.

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