Tuesday, April 7, 2009


The April program for the Lake Odessa Area Historical Society focused on our MEMORIES of Jordan Lake. John Waite presented the program with some historical data on the lake but emphasized the importance of the lake as a natural resource. Anyone who has lived in this area has some connection or memory with this vital aspect of our locality. Many shared their recollections of learning "how" to swim in the lake, picnics and excursions and many other events. Several recalled Coach Wall Abbott leading the beach program and his influence in their lives. This video above, from Youtube, is a great collection of current photos of Jordan Lake and is how we are chronicling history now in 2009. Thank you to Ryan Linsea for allowing us to use this video to spark those memories of our own adventures on Jordan Lake. If you have a memory connected with the lake...click on the comment section and share it with us.....this blog is meant to share so give us your thoughts!!

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  1. I remember taking swimming lessons down there and when I was 15 I believe, I had swam from the fishing site to the beach. It was something that the beach had put together to see how many of us could do it without stopping. They had row boats beside us in case we wanted to get into if we were tired. I made it all way across! I wonder if I could do it again today??