Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This awesome photo of Lake Odessa's main street was taken in 1888. The village was not even a year old at this time but life already had sprung up around the newly constructed railroad. This photo is taken where the railroad crosses Fourth Ave. (Main Street) and is looking south. The first train to come through Lake Odessa was on July 16, 1888, and this photo may have been taken close to that date. Notice the buildings and the landscape of the street....even 121 years later Lake Odessa is still recognizeable as it was then. Many businesses quickly started up during the first year...some survived but many quickly went by the wayside. Lake Odessa's "boom town" atmosphere helped boost the village's growth with the following years witnessing a more stable environment. One can only imagine the excitement of these early days and rare photos like this one help to stir those thoughts!

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