Monday, May 11, 2009


One of the current projects of the Lake Odessa Area Historical Society is the restoration of the Hosford House. The photo above recently resurfaced and it was a great surprise to see a distant view of this house in its original location on Third Avenue. The house, built by Samuel O. Hosford in 1887, is shown in the photo as the second house from the left in the foreground. The original is quite dark but it is wonderful to have this depiction of the house in about 1910. One of the most imporant things shown in this view is the front porch which will need to be replaced. This view helps us to know the design of that porch and how it looked originally. Since the house has been moved from its Third Avenue location the Society has been able to set it upon a new foundation, completely replace the roof and clean out some of the interior debris. Funds are being raised to place new exterior siding on the structure. The total cost for the siding will be approximately $18,000.00. Any donations toward this project would be greatly appreciated and will help to further this project along.

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