Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The Village Park in Lake Odessa was originally called Wagar's Grove. In the early years it became known as the Grove and was a gathering place for many events. The intention of this park was to preserve a natural piece of land so that many could enjoy the trees in their original setting. After some early disagreements as to the use of this property it was deeded to the Village in 1889 with the following agreement: "that the land should not be sold by second parties or their successors in office nor the timber removed from the same but should be held as a public park for the use and benefit of the citizens of the Village of Lake Odessa." Soon after this in 1889 a fine was established for anyone found with cattle pastured in the Village Park. Over the years this haven has witnessed countless picnics, reunions, social gatherings and events. It has hosted concerts, rallies, art festivals and political meetings. But most of all, it has given many a place to relax. The addition of Swifty's Place play ground has added a wonderful dimension for children. Many stop and enjoy our Village Park and many hold special memories of this focal point in the history of Lake Odessa.

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