Tuesday, September 1, 2009

WHAT FUN IN 1913!!!

This photo was taken by Delos Trowbridge about 1913. The license plate on the car is dated 1913 and it is assumed to be current or possibly 1914. If there was a contest to see how many kids could be put into a car this may have been the winner!!! There is an inscription on the top of the photo that has faded over the years and only the first two words can be read...."A load...." Shown in the photograph and not necessarily in order are: Lawrence Howard (sitting in the background) Art Lake, Francis Dnham, Keith Lepard, Mr. Jackson (the driver), Trever Dunn (?), ____Englehart, Harriet Lake, Marjorie Coykendall, Milford Hoover, Keith Leak, ____Jackson (on fender), Jackson girl, Florence Urtel, Agnes Earl, Dorothy Leak, Pauline Strong, Lester Coykendall, _____Richards, Jackson boy, Wayne Shade. These are the names written on the back of the photo but it is difficult to determine which name goes with which face. If anyone can help identify these better please post a comment below or contact the society. The wooden building shown in the back was a Candy Store owned by McCoy's. Is it any wonder all these kids are in front of this store????

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